Lions Boys to Men Mentoring Weekend

In February 2017 Immediate Past District Governor and co-founder of “Boys to Men” SA, Charlie Flanagan, suggested to the then Lions District 410A a collaboration between Lions and Boys to Men Youth Development SA to run mentoring weekends for boys from the community. Lions District 410A loved the idea, and every year since then Lions “Boys to Men” Weekends for community boys have been run. Each weekend takes approx. 16 boys aged between 13 and 18 on a residential weekend. The weekends have changed the lives of many boys, several of whom continue to be involved by joining the team of staff men for future weekends. To find out more about this incredible weekend contact either Charles Flanagan or visit the Boys to Men website – click here.

Each community boys weekend is fully sponsored, District 410W pays part, and each club in the District has the opportunity to sponsor a boy with a view to empowering the youth in our communities.

Watch the video below to witness the impact of the weekend.